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Friday, 10 February 2017

What are the problem faced in international marketing?

Problems in international marketing

International marketing and domestic marketing look very different from each other. The basic principles of both are same. International maketing differs from domestic marketing only in the environment in which carried out. International marketing faces more problems and difficulties than domestic marketing. Some of the problems faced by international marketing are the following

·       The distinct legal and political system of countries is one of the problems for international marketing . the legal system in term civil laws, common laws and religious laws.
·       The cross-cultural environment of countries is another problem for international marketing. However, domestic marketing also faces such problems.
·       Financial system can differ from country to country
·       Currency units also vary from country to country. This poses problems in exchange rates.
·       Language can also create problems for the marketer. Same words or terms may have different languages. The language problem is a major issue in india.
·       Market infrastructure of countries can differ from each other. The advertisement mediums used in one country may not be available in another country.
·       Import restrictions imposed by countries on international marketing are another problem.
·       The cost of transportation can be very high in carrying out international business transactions because of large distances between countries.

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