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Friday, 9 March 2018

Business to consumer model / E-business / B2C Model

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Business to consumer model / E-business / B2C Model

Business to consumer model

The model clearly concentrates on individual buyers and is thus known as the business to consumer (B2C) model. This model enables consumers to browse, select and merchandise online from a wider variety of sellers and at better prices. The B2C e-busines interaction is most appropriate for the following type of transactions.
1  Easily transformable goods, that is, products that are easily transformable into digital format, such as videos, software packages music books etc.
2  Highly – rated branded item or items with return security.
3  Items sold in packets that are not possible to open in physical stores.
4  Items that follow standard specifications.

The B2C procedure for comprise the following steps
1         The customer identifies his/her need.
2         Then , the customer looks for the product or services that suit his/her needs.
3         The consumer selects a vendor and negotiates a price.
4         The consumer than receives the product and services.
5         The customer makes the payment for the received product.
6         The customer gets the services and warranty claims that are associated with the products.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Business to business model / B2B/ E-business

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Business to business model / B2B/ E-business

Business to business model

This model needs two or more business organization that do business with each other. It entails commercial activity among companies, through the internet as a medium. At present, there are many types of e-businesses. The B2B e- business is of the following types
         Supplier oriented : in this type of B2B e-business, a supplier establishes an electronic market where a number of customers or buyers transact with suppliers. Generally, it is done by a supplier who has monopoly over the products that he supplies.
          Buyer oriented: In this type of B2B electronic commerce, big business organizations with a high volume purchase capacity create an e-business marketplace for purchases and gain by establishing a website of their own. The online e-business marketplace and attracts both buyers and sellers to interact with each other.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Technology and media convergence/ Digital communication Technology

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Technology and media convergence/ Digital communication Technology

Technology and media convergence

The ancient era in communication is over. A new digital communication technology has emerged. A new electronic super highway has come into existence globally as voice, video and data converge. As a result of this convergence a new array of digital, multimedia and interactive communication technologies has come into existence.
Technology and media convergence

Technology and media convergence

Telegraphy became the first remote communications method. Using a telegraph one could instantaneously transmit text characters to a remote receiver. Morse code was one of the common translation used for transmitting letters and numbers and they could be easily decoded at the remote end by a morse decoder i.e. a trained human operator. The operator would listen to the clicks of at the other end and decode the message. Eventually, a constant –length coded representation became the concept used for storing, retrieving and transmitting of text/information by computer in the modern era. Telegraphy and media convergence was the first generation of communication and though it was a new and very efficient method for critical business communications, it brought about very little change in the lives of the common man.