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Monday, 5 March 2018

Technology and media convergence/ Digital communication Technology

Technology and media convergence

The ancient era in communication is over. A new digital communication technology has emerged. A new electronic super highway has come into existence globally as voice, video and data converge. As a result of this convergence a new array of digital, multimedia and interactive communication technologies has come into existence.
Technology and media convergence

Technology and media convergence

Telegraphy became the first remote communications method. Using a telegraph one could instantaneously transmit text characters to a remote receiver. Morse code was one of the common translation used for transmitting letters and numbers and they could be easily decoded at the remote end by a morse decoder i.e. a trained human operator. The operator would listen to the clicks of at the other end and decode the message. Eventually, a constant –length coded representation became the concept used for storing, retrieving and transmitting of text/information by computer in the modern era. Telegraphy and media convergence was the first generation of communication and though it was a new and very efficient method for critical business communications, it brought about very little change in the lives of the common man.    

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